Road Side Assistance and Travel Benefits

Assistance and Benefits of American Auto Insurance in México


Roadside Assistance

Basic Roadside Assistance

The Service Provider shall cover the following basic roadside assistance within the Mexican Republic:
  1. Lockout Service,
  2. Emergency Fuel Service,
  3. Flat Tire Service,
  4. Jumpstart Service,

Towing Service and Service Payment

Rental Car Payment Due to Mechanical Failure, Accident or Theft of The Insured Vehicle
Cash advance
Tourist Information
Urgent Message Transmission
* Apply terms and conditions

Medical assistance

  • 24 Hours Medical References in the Full Mexican Territory
    The Company’s medical assistance team will NOT offer any Neither The Service Provider nor the Insurer shall be held liable regarding the service or practices offered by the aforementioned doctors or medical institutions.
  • Land Ambulance Transportation
  • Air Ambulance Due to Emergency
  • Transportation or Repatriation in Case of Death
  • Continuación del Viaje para Ocupantes en Caso de un Accidente Grave
  • Trip Continuation for Occupants in Case of an Transportation or Repatriation in Case of Deathor in Case of Extended Illness
  • Round Trip Ticket and Hotel Stay for an Appointed Person
* Apply terms and conditions.

Travel Benefits

Preferential hotel rates

  • Airplane ticket reservations
  • Car Rental Reservations

Low Cost Vacation Week

*Apply terms and condition.

Legal Assistance in case of

  • Suffering Any Type of Crime
  • Property Damage or Bodily Injury Against Third Parties Legal Death
  • Death
  • Automobile Accident
  • Any Type of Accident
*Apply terms and conditions.
In order to present a claim under the terms of this policy, the accident/emergency must take place within the Mexican Republic during the policy term. Please call the toll free number 01-800 that appears on the deck of the policy to report your claim in case of an accident before you leave México. The Claims Call Center is working 24 hours, 365 days. Note: Some cellular phones or satellite phones may work differently depending on what type of Mexican service your phone company provides.

USA or Canada cell phone in Mexico

01152 55 4195-5348

Mexico cell phone

01 55 4195-5348
If you cannot connect with any of the above phone numbers, then your phone does not have the proper service for Mexico. We recommend you to locate a Mexican telephone such as a pay phone or a phone located at a hotel, restaurant, with a friend or a family member.

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