What to do in case of an Accident



To Report a Claim

  1. Please call in México tol free
    01 800 801 0117.
  2. If dialed from a US phone line please dial
    +52 81 8864 9322.
  3. Reports made after leaving Mexican Territory may be denied, restrictions apply.
road asistence for car accidente

Need Roadside assistance?

  1. Please call in México toll free
    01 800 767 4357.
  2. If dialed from a US pone line please dial
    1 877 730 8623 .
  3. Reports made after leaving Mexican Territory may be denied, restrictions apply.
road assistence

In case of an accident in México

  • Report your claim before returning to the US.
  • Do not move the vehicules until you are given permission by the authorities or Insurance Company representative.
  • Call your Insurance Company as son as posible after the accident occurs and before you leave México.
  • A bilingual representative will be able to assist you and they will ask you for information regarding your insurance Policy and details in the occurrance of the accident.
  • Others who where involved in the accident may try to offer payment to you for damages. Do NOT accept any payment without consulting the insurance company.
  • Even in minor injuries have occurred during the accident, the case may go To the State office. An attorney will be assigned to you for legal assistance.
We invite you to read carefully the terms and conditions of your poilicy, where you can read about the coverages, exclusións and restrictions of the same. This general conditions, regardless of the way they have been delivered, may be consulted in the following electronic adress:

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